Google confirms chat app Allo will soon shut down


Yes, Google is continuing with the confusion. They claim Allo will be shut down "soon", but the announcement may have been delayed due to the previous report about Hangouts.

When they are shut down, Allo and Hangouts will join Google Talk, Google Spaces, Google Wave, Google+ Messenger, and Google Buzz in the graveyard of former Google messaging apps.

Hopefully once all this is over we'll have some sort of instant messaging system that makes sense rather than the plethora of options Google now makes us all suffer. The tech giant announced in a blog post that it's ending support for the messaging app next March.

Hangouts, which is the consumer messaging app you may have adopted years ago and is attached to your Google account, is going to die at some point down the road.

As we've all been expecting over the past year, Google is killing off its Allo cross-platform messaging service. Messages, for now and for most people, is the default SMS app in many Android apps, and particularly so in Google's own Pixel phones.

Some of those features include GIFs, Smart Reply, and support on desktops. - Given Messages continued momentum, weve made a decision to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages. And after that it will be gone.

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Original article, December 5 2018: If for some reason you're still using Google Allo, you might not be able to use it for much longer.

We also know that Hangouts classic will be going the same way the following year, with those users also moved to Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, two services that are now enterprise-focused. Until that happens, Google is apparently "fully committed to supporting Hangouts users in the meantime".

However, now it is not clear if all Hangouts users - and many of them are regular users who just have a Google account and aren't part of G Suite base - will get access to the Hangouts Chat and Meet or if it will be restricted to G Suite users.

More than 175 million Android users use Messages already according to Google.

Google Duo, its video calling app, was also mentioned in the post, but nothing is changing in this instance. Duo also keeps getting better by the month.