Far Cry Is Heading To The Post-Apocalypse


Ubisoft teased a new Far Cry experience yesterday, with an announcement coming at tonight's Game Awards ceremony.

Set 17 years after a global nuclear disaster, Far Cry New Dawn drops players into a lovely yet transformed Hope County, Montana - the primary setting of Far Cry 5. Except this one's gonna be all future-y.

Far Cry 5 dropped players into the fictionalized Hope County, Montana, where you and your strike team of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents attempted to end a cult's hold over the region. Aside from revealing the game, Ubisoft also let slip details pertaining to Far Cry New Dawn's gameplay, setting, and story. If you take the second option, prepare for the bandits to set up shop again, but this time with better defences. They have their own world and you get into that world. Opposing your efforts are the Highwaymen, a gang of roving bandits led by "the twins", Micki and Lou. Far Cry: New Dawn Creative Director Jean-Sebastien said these decisions were a combination of the writing team's opinions and consideration for "who the players appeciat [ed]".

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Nick and Kim Rye's grown up daughter, Carmina, knows nothing of the world that came before New Dawn. The imagery was also hard to pass over: two black women, armed with makeshift weapons, smirk as a white man is strapped to an overturned auto. We'll be getting Nana, a sniper-wielding senior citizen, and a particularly aggressive boar called Horatio to tag along with us. Ubisoft announced that it will be released on 15 February 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Whether we will see more animal companions joining us hasn't been confirmed yet.

Decant is ready. "Far Cry: New Dawn is actually a great way to discover Far Cry", he says. You'll be pleased to hear the Fangs for Hire will return as well. Alongside that some brand new screenshots for the game are available.