US mid-terms: Rhetoric stepped up as campaign enters final day


President Donald Trump has doubled down and doubled down on stoking paranoid fantasies about an immigrant "invasion" - and Republicans are increasingly concerned he'll cost them the midterm election.

Monday will be a barnstormer for Trump, who will make stops in OH and in before a final campaign pitch in Missouri, where he is trying to knock Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill out of office.

Meanwhile, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he was pumping another $5 million in national advertising into the final two days before the midterm elections. "And he doesn't want to take the risk of looking like he's trying too hard in the House, because then he may get blamed for losing there".

He says the inflamed rhetoric of the campaign is pulling the two sides into more radical opposition, adding to the business uncertainty of where the US goes next.

But he was cautious about prospects for his chamber on Tuesday, saying, "Senate Democrats really face the toughest political map in 60 years".

"We do have a path".

Ms. Trump, senior adviser to the president's 2020 campaign, said on Saturday that Democrats are scared because of Trump's results. More jobs are coming back. "That's a great closing argument".

He says, as he has before, that he wants to cut USA aid to the countries, threatening that "we'll be stopping very soon".

Two-thirds of voters say they're satisfied with the economy, and 74 percent said they're satisfied with their own financial situation, according to an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday. But they also will be regarded as a verdict on the President's personal style, ranging from his language (welcome to some ears, intemperate to others), the symbolism he employs (refreshing to some eyes, racist to others), his bearing (bold to some minds, vulgar to others), his recasting of the country's political character (an overdue re-evaluation of USA immigration policy to some, a rash of nativist fear to others), even his lifestyle (honest and unvarnished to some, tasteless and tawdry to others).

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Democrats believe the president's hard-line rhetoric will help them entice younger voters, suburban moderates and minorities to the polls.

Democrats also are hoping to score a number of gains at the state level, including targeted governorships in Georgia, Florida and the Midwest, while flipping control of a number of statehouses. Democrat enthusiasm is definitely there.

White women without college degrees prefer Republicans by a 12-point margin, though white women with degrees clearly prefer Democrats, 61 percent to 33 percent. This year there are myriad themes, each motivating huge swaths of the American people, perhaps enough to overcome the voter lethargy that customarily is an important feature of off-year elections.

But the president - to the unease of some in the party - has instead used his almost nonstop schedule of campaign rallies to keep the spotlight on what he calls the security threat from migrants seeking to enter the U.S. through Mexico. Trump declared in his typical style: "If she gets in, Georgia goes backwards".

"What the president is doing is driving away the independent voters and swing voters, and a lot of moderate Republican voters in these swing states", Mr. Van Hollen said.

Mr Trump said: "Rumour has it that Senator Joe Donnelly of IN is paying for Facebook ads for his so-called opponent on the Libertarian ticket". "You watch MSNBC and Fox News and you think you live on two different planets".

"I think I've made a difference of five or six or seven".

Bredesen added that he's not running against Trump. Bob Corker, a Republican.

Country singer Lee Greenwood plans to perform Trump favorite "God Bless the U.S.A." in Chattanooga as well as in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, on Monday.