Trump warns House Democrats about gridlock over investigations


"They can play that game, but we can play it better", Mr Trump said at a White House news conference.

In Virginia's 10th, Democratic lawyer and state senator Jennifer Wexton beat two-term Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock in a district that went for Clinton over Trump in the 2016 presidential election, 52 percent to 42 percent. After fears that he would lose a race for attorney general marred by allegations that he once physically abused an ex-girlfriend and his opponent's controversial legal career, Keith Ellison won the race by almost 4 percentage points. Democrats lead in nine of those, Republicans in 14. Among the younger set, by contrast, lopsided percentages voted for Democrats.

His Serve America PAC endorsed 34 House candidates in total.

The day after midterm elections reset Washington, Trump took a victory lap at a raucous news conference, celebrating Republican Senate wins but distancing himself from the GOP's loss of the House.

As Trump and Pelosi extended overtures across Pennsylvania Avenue, they also shadowboxed around the new dynamic created by the House's ability to probe the president's business dealings and his administration.

Democrats' takeover of the House in January will allow them to force administration officials to testify and provide documents.

Trump said in a tweet earlier Wednesday that Pelosi "deserves" to be House speaker, and even offered to help provide the votes.

When Cummings and other Democrats asked previous year for records detailing Trump's separation from his businesses, they received an eight-page glossy pamphlet and a single email.

The campaign unfolded against a backdrop of ugly rhetoric and angry debates on immigration, health care and the role of Congress in overseeing the president. He may have used the migrant caravan in the final days to win in very red and rural places like Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee but in the states which matter for him to get re-elected next year, there is far more evidence that his attacking immigrants has done far more to hurt his re-election chances.

"We actually have a great relationship", Trump said of Pelosi.

Midterm elections are typically hard for the party in power, but the GOP's hold on power was further weakened by an unusually large number of retirements as well as infighting between conservatives and centrists over their allegiance to Trump. Since this poll is not a census of all voters and their opinions, the margin of error attempts to indicate how much those opinions represented in the poll could vary from reality.

The Republican side of the aisle elected mostly white men. The Republican-controlled 115th Congress has only sent a small handful of noncontroversial drug pricing measures to President Trump for a signature.

Tanzania frees CPJ staff Muthoki Mumo, Angela Quintal
It is also unclear whether Tanzanian authorities have Quintal's cellphone, after a number of her social media profiles were deactivated on Wednesday evening.

Trump's inflammatory anti-immigrant rhetoric - deemed racist by many - has recently included misinformation about a migrant caravan traveling by foot through Central America and Mexico for the USA border, along with his questionable threats to upend birthright citizenship.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is the front-runner for the job. Voters scored Trump positively on the economy and for standing up "for what he believes in". Republicans' heavy hand in drawing district boundaries (Michigan is seen as one of the most politically gerrymandered states) was too much to overcome, he said.

And outside Richmond, Virginia, one-time tea party favorite Rep. Dave Brat lost to Democrat Abigail Spanberger, a former Central Intelligence Agency operative motivated to run for office after the GOP vote to gut the Affordable Care Act. You can't have one or the other - you've got to have both.

The president criticized Republican candidates who apparently did not support him enough and lost congressional seats in Tuesday's elections.

Republicans had expected the GOP tax plan would be the cornerstone of their election agenda this year, but it became a potential liability in key states along the East and West coasts where residents could face higher tax bills because of limits on property and sales tax deductions.

In the 100-member Senate, Republicans retained seats in the South, Midwest and West and ensured at least a 51-49 majority, equal to their current margin.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel argued today that Democrats must build an urban-suburban coalition through issues like healthcare and education and thereby prevent the President from driving a wedge between the two constituencies on other issues.

The GOP campaign committee distanced itself from eight-term Rep. Steve King of Iowa after he was accused of racism and anti-Semitism, but he won anyway.

Each candidate undeniably faced uphill battles in seats long held by Republicans.

Mr Trump went on to say he's happy with "most" of his Cabinet, suggesting more changes may be coming and that he is "looking at different people for different positions", adding that "it is very common after the midterms".

U.S. Democratic Congressional candidate Deb Haaland reacts upon learning that fellow Native American Sharice Davids of Kansas also won her midterm election.