The World's Smelliest Fruit Grounded an Entire Plane in Indonesia


An Indonesian plane bound for Jakarta on Monday was grounded after passengers were overpowered by the noxious smell of durian pervading the cabin shortly before takeoff.

A cargo of pungent durian led an Indonesian plane to be delayed for an hour after passengers turned their noses up and refused to fly.

In their arguments for the fruit's removal, some passengers referred to the crash of a Mandala Airlines plane in 2005 which failed to take off and killed 149 people.

Staff made a decision to unload the fruit after passengers who had boarded the flight chose to get off the plane, which took off an hour later and landed safely in Jakarta.

Some passengers even argued that apart from the unpleasant smell, they were also concerned by the extra weight on board.

The flight left around 11:40 a.m., an hour later than scheduled, the Post reported.

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Following the incident, Sriwajiya Air said the airline was within its rights to carry the fruit in cargo.

The late Anthony Bourdain reportedly described durian as "something you will either love or despise ..."

"It's not illegal to carry durian in a flight as long as it is wrapped properly in accordance with flight regulations - carried inside the hold", their spokesperson said.

"Durian is not classified as a hazardous material to be transported on a plane", Sriwijaya Air's Abdul Rahim stated in a television appearance, the Straits Times reported. "I complained to the stewardess but they told me to just fill up a complaint form", said Amir Zidane. "They all chanted back 'not us!'". "Many airlines do this", Sriwijaya Air senior corporate communications manager Retri Maya said in a statement to the Post on Tuesday.

He added that other passengers started complaining and some even nearly "physically clashed with crew members".

Zidane wrote that the passengers were allowed to leave the plane while the crew unloaded the sacks of durian from the plane.