Stacey Abrams, Georgia Democrats decry Brian Kemp's hacking claim


In the closing days, Kemp basked in President Donald Trump's glow, after a Sunday rally that drew thousands of boisterous Republicans to central Georgia to see Trump deplane from Air Force One.

The two parties were also tangling in several crucial governors' races, including in Midwest battleground states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and MI.

Racists are doing whatever they can to cheat in Georgia's closely-watched race that could see the first Black woman governor in USA history. She and Abrams are both black women from MS, and the media titan spoke of the sacrifices their ancestors had to make to obtain the right to vote. If neither Kemp nor Abrams wins a majority - a distinct possibility with a Libertarian candidate on the ballot - there could be another month of campaigning. He unveiled his latest gambit Sunday, when he announced an investigation of the Democratic Party of Georgia for a "failed attempt to hack the state's voter registration system".

"Stacey Abrams - and I spoke to law enforcement, I spoke to everybody - is really weak on crime".

In her ruling, Ross noted that such restrictions were likely to fall most heavily on minorities. "I don't want anyone to vote for me because I'm black", she told supporters in Savannah on Monday.

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"It looks pretty suspicious, and I would say that regardless of which party it was", Alan Abramowitz, a professor of political science at Emory University in Atlanta, told the Reuters news agency.

Ahead of the November 6 vote, in which Kemp will face off against Democrat Stacey Abrams, the system "remains secure" and should allow the vote to proceed as planned as "no personal data was breached." . "Who we are is on the ballot", he said.

But even the policy debates have played out as much as cultural identity battles as they have nuanced debates over policy details.

In a statement, the Abrams campaign called the robo-calls a desperate and "vile" attempt to sway voters using "poisonous thinking".

Democrats immediately cried foul, noting Kemp has offered no evidence for his claims and pointing out the massive conflict of interest in Kemp launching an investigation into the people he is running against in his own election campaign. Democrats are expected to pick up several governor's seats across the country, particularly in the Midwest region that helped propel Trump to the White House in 2016. "You put Stacey in there, and you're gonna have Georgia turn into Venezuela". Republicans have successfully shut out Democrats from holding any statewide office in Georgia since 2010.