Samsung's foldable smartphone specs leak, will be showcased at developer conference


We don't have a confirmed date yet but many are speculating it to launch on November 7 at the Samsung Developers Conference 2018 which is to be held in San Francisco.

Something that might offer a little comfort is that Samsung's top mobile guy, DJ Koh, has previously stated that the folding phone would be a high-end device and that it would be released globally. To prevent the smartphone's foldable hinge from any possible damage in the future, Samsung may place a gear in the hinge to ensure that the phone folds slowly. This allows for the flexibility to be used as a smartphone when folded or as a tablet when unfolded.

While Samsung has remained tight-lipped about the Galaxy foldable phone till now, at an exclusive media R&D centre visit in Seoul, Samsung did drop some hints about it. Samsung apparently doesn't want the "foldable" display aspect to be the only highlight of the phone.

There are also reports that suggest the phone could target the gaming enthusiast and may not be for the general masses. According to, the company's first foldable phone will be named Samsung Galaxy F, with the F likely standing for foldable, instead of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy X.

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Would you use a foldable phone?

The company, however, has already lost the race for the world's first commercial foldable phone.

Samsung was the first tier-1 brand to bring the world's first curved screen-based phone- Galaxy Round.

The flip phones of the early 2000s may be making a comeback next year, but instead of a small screen and physical keyboard, the new iteration will have a foldable display that opens up to a screen size similar to that of a small tablet.