PUBG PS4 Release Date Reportedly Leaked


A PlayStation 4 edition had never been ruled out, and now it appears that the Xbox One version is subject to a one-year exclusivity agreement.

Another motivating factor behind Microsoft's latest move could be the pending release of PUBG on PlayStation 4. The December release date seems accurate too as Daniel Ahmad, analyst for Niko Partners, commented on a ResetEra thread confirming the end-of-year release.

PUBG has been rumored that it will be heading to PS4 this year following the leaked rating from the Korean Rating Board showing its new availability on PS4. Sony's servers are seemingly hosting the game image and content ID number for the PSN store already. The Korean Ratings Board provided a rating for the game in September, an nearly sure sign of its imminent release.

Update: these games are free to play for a limited time only, so do get them while the going's good, but don't be too bummed if your access is revoked before long.

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PUBG being released on XBOX primarily makes sense as the game is a windows-based game.

And finally, in terms of PUBG, the game's inaugural esports season has been announced for this January.

Last month, there are rumors that a new map will be added to PUBG. Players can download and play the game from Microsoft Store until November 11, post which PUBG will once again retail at $30. Further to that, we know that PUBG Corp has been working with Sony as well.

Microsoft's official Xbox Twitter profile earlier this week teased big PUBG news for November 10 during the company's X018 event in Mexico City. Its free version is released for a limited amount of time.