Mail Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc To Face Judge Tuesday In Manhattan


He wore navy blue jail scrubs and a gray pony tail.

Sayoc faces almost 50 years in prison if convicted on five federal charges that were filed in NY because some of the devices were recovered there.

Sayoc will be transferred to NY to stand trial and face federal charges, as per an order from U.S. Magistrate Judge Edwin Torres, according to USA Today.

Prosecutors intend to ask that he be detained until trial, based on the flight risk and the danger he allegedly poses to the community.

His lawyers decided not to seek release on bail after prosecutors released a letter outlining more evidence against him, including DNA linking him to 10 of the explosive devices and fingerprints on two of them.

Sayoc is a former stripper and pizza delivery driver who lived in a white van festooned with right-wing political images supporting Trump and lambasting his critics.

Sayoc also searched online for addresses and photos of some of the people sent bombs, including former president Mr Obama, former secretary of state Mrs Clinton and former vice president Joe Biden, it is alleged. Kamala Harris and New Jersey Sen.

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Prosecutors say the most recent crude bomb was recovered last Friday in California, addressed to liberal activist Tom Steyer.

Prosecutors say the laptop also contained addresses for "numerous additional targets.' Those people, whose names have not been made public, have been notified about the threat by the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

All of the bombs were sent through the United States postal service but none exploded and no one was injured.

The released court papers restate what authorities thought all along -- despite the bombs being crudely fashioned, they were in fact unsafe and sent out with the intention of detonation and causing maximum harm, according to The New York Times.

An attorney who represented Sayoc in Florida characterized the prosecution evidence against him as flimsy.

She further warned that the political vitriol - particularly talk of "war" against the media and political parties - could resonate with the mentally ill, like her son, and inspire them to "violently act out in our country", Madeline Sayoc wrote in an open letter to television network ABC, which published the correspondence Sunday night.

"This is not how I raised him or my children", Madeline Sayoc wrote in her letter.