Florida teen charged with killing mother, burying her body over poor grade


Chitwood told WKMG Ramos enlisted the help of his friends to bury his mother's body in a fire pit where they had previously gone to drink and do drugs, because the ground was "malleable".

He also implicated two friends, who he said helped him bury his mother and stage a burglary at his home.

Chitwood says he faces murder charges. He also tried to stage his home to make police think his mother was abducted and finally he made a 911 call to set his plan in motion.

Volusia County deputies arrested Gregory Logan Ramos on Saturday on a murder charge in the death of his mother, 46-year-old Gail Cleavenger.

The boy left to school, and after returning home from school on Friday, he told deputies that his mother had vanished. "No sign of remorse whatsoever". The teen allegedly strangled her again, fatally this time.

Early Friday, the teen put his mother's body in a wheelbarrow in order to load her into a van, which he drove to River City Church, approximately one mile from the home, police said. "There was nothing at all like that", Chitwood said.

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Authorities said Ramos wasn't emotional in his confession. Adds to Chitwood to ClickOrlando: "He is a soulless individual who thought he was gonna outsmart everyone in the room". "Very proud of what he did".

"Apparently there was a dispute about [grading] marks with his mother, and after an argument that occurred around 11 o'clock, around 12:30 he went into her room and woke her up and began to strangle her until he killed her", he said.

Meanwhile his friends staged the break-in before convening in a nearby Circle K to get their back-stories straight. Chitwood said he had hoped to become a homicide detective in future.

Police discovered Cleavenger's body in the church fire pit early Saturday, Newsweek reported. All our hearts break for this family, ' he added on Twitter.

The murder of Gail Cleavenger is as gruesome as it is chilling, with the local sheriff telling Fox 35 that the case is "one of the most disturbing and saddest I've seen in my career". Ramos was a member of the Orange City Police Explorers and took criminal justice classes in which he studied crime scenes, reported the Orlando Sentinel.