Brazil environment ministry condemns Bolsonaro plan


He noted that Nigeria shares historical and cultural ties with Brazil. In interviews with TV stations and on social media, Bolsonaro, a 63-year-old former Army captain who won 55 percent of Sunday's vote after running on a law-and-order platform, made clear he would push through his conservative agenda.

Trump congratulated Bolsonaro by telephone, tweeting that the two had an "excellent" call and agreed "that Brazil and the United States will work closely together on trade, military and everything else!"

"Democracy must be able to endure a candidate like Bolsonaro", said Martin Duisberg, vice-president of the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo.

But German executives in Brazil are hopeful that Mr. Bolsonaro's election will end a period of instability.

"I don't idolize Bolsonaro and I don't know if he will govern well, but we are hopeful".

While numerous Latin American country's marginalized communities have questioned what Bolsonaro's leadership could mean for them, Brazil's LGBTQ population is particularly concerned.

Investors also cheered Bolsonaro´s ascent, relieved that he could keep the PT out of power and hopeful that he would carry out fiscal reforms proposed by his orthodox economic guru.

Bolsonaro rose in prominence amid disgust with Brazil's political system.

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"The minister of industry and commerce will be with economy". New rules will boost investment in infrastructure, he told reporters.

The goal is to reduce by half some 29 ministries by combining others, such as Agriculture and Environment, said Deputy Onyx Lorenzoni, who may become Bolsonaro's next chief of staff.

Bolsonaro, as shown by his decision to change political parties nine times in his 28 years in politics, is a wild card.

On Thursday, Bolsonaro is due to meet with crusading anti-corruption judge Sergio Moro, who led the so-called "Car Wash" probe snaring big names in Brazil's political class and opening the door for Bolsonaro's tough-on-corruption campaign.

Still, Fitch Ratings on Monday highlighted the "deep fiscal challenges" confronting Bolsonaro's team, as weak growth and a huge budget deficit leave little room to maneuver.

Echoing Vergolino, Erika Hilton, the transgender member of the so-called Activist Caucus, said many Bolsonaro voters were "manipulated" by misleading information and do not agree with some of his extreme rhetoric about gay people.

"We have the responsibility to mount an opposition, putting national interests, the interests of the entire Brazilian people, above everything", Haddad said in a speech to supporters. He said the Temer government may approve the deal before leaving.