A 360 degree bowling action!


The MCC added that unless the 360 degree twirl was part of the bowler's run-up for every ball, the umpire may need to consider if the action was intended as a distraction.

Following a consultation, the umpires then informed Singh and his captain that they would continue calling his deliveries dead balls if he adopted that action.

The bowler took a complete rotation before bowling in a game against Bengal in CK Nayudu Trophy in Kalyani, West Bengal, and the on-field umpire stepped in immediately.

Shiva Singh is in the news for his unmatched bowling action, and it is about "spinning" himself 360 degrees just before his delivery.

The 19-year-old, an age-group global, was playing in a domestic Under-23 league match, but his delivery was deemed a dead ball by the umpire.

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Shiva has claimed that this was not the first time he had bowled the 360-degree style but it was the first time an umpire called it a dead ball.

"Batsman always go for the reverse-sweep or the switch-hit against bowlers, but when bowlers do something like this it's deemed a dead ball".

The MCC, custodian of the game, had to jump into the debate to explain the scope of the law under which Shiva's delivery was dead-balled. "No Issue at all with this", Michael Vaughan tweeted. "But when bowlers do something like this it's deemed a dead ball", Shiva was quoted as saying by ESPNCricinfo. The left-arm spinner's sudden turn to toss up the delivery from the right side had the umpire in a tizzy who declared it as a dead bowl. "The ball shall not count as one of the over".

"The law only states if an offence is made to distract the batsman, rather than the batter actually getting distracted", it wrote in a blog. Under Law 21.1, the bowler must state his/her mode of delivery, which seems to have been left arm round the wicket in this case, but does not state how conventional the bowler's approach should be.