With flu season underway, Arizona health officials urge getting flu shot


"So you can get a reaction, but you can't get the actual influenza from it", Huffer says.

In New Zealand, 400 people die each year from influenza or complications relating to it.

Flu shots cost $20 at the Student Health Office on 2 Continental Drive, which is about a 15-minute walk from campus.

For example, the CDC advises health care personnel to get one dose of influenza vaccine each year.

Past year uptake of the flu vaccination in Nottinghamshire was similar to the national average.

Children under five but over six months old and non-Saskatchewan residents can be vaccinated at a public health clinic.

The nasal spray is an option for most children and adults younger than 50 years old. Some have medical reasons for being unable to have the shot, but others go without by choice. Why?

"Public Health and doctors are trying their best".

But these myths can be harmful if they lead people to avoid the vaccine unnecessarily.

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It's also possible that you'll encounter a different type of virus, like ones that cause the common cold, right after getting the flu shot.

Dr. Huffer says claims that vaccines are harmful to your health are untrue.

Some local elderly people are being told they'll have to wait for vaccination against flu because of the high take-up across the country. Your professional life is focused on taking care of the health and well-being of patients. Studies show flu vaccination can reduce flu illnesses, doctors' visits, missed work and school due to flu, as well as prevent flu-related hospitalizations and deaths.

Fact: The flu vaccine reduces the risk of contracting and spreading the disease by up to 60 percent, according to the CDC. This is unequivocally false.

People with flu are most contagious in the first two to four days after the virus begins to reproduce in the body.

It can take up to two weeks for the vaccine to take effect, so the government recommends getting the shot soon, before flu season arrives.

Taege said it is a myth that people who are normally healthy don't need to bother getting a vaccine.

"If you get sick, stay home".

Other unpublished data suggest that flu viruses, in the presence of mucus, can persist on some surfaces for up to 16 hours with very little loss in infectivity. This is the time of year for increased respiratory illnesses and pneumonia. Deem invented the method more than 10 years ago, and it is now recognized as as a fast, low-priced way of gauging the effectiveness of proposed flu vaccines.