'Who Cares?': Trump Reacts to Warren's DNA Test Showing Native American Ancestry


At a rally in July, the president fantasized about what he would say to Warren in a presidential debate.

Those critics have charged that Warren advanced her career with a narrative she is a descendant of the Cherokee and DE tribes.

After that Montana debate, Warren brushed off Trump's taunts as she had multiple times before, whenever he deployed his derisive "Pocahontas" nickname for her.

The test revealed "strong evidence" the MA senator - and possible 2020 Democratic presidential candidate - has a Native American ancestor dating back six to ten generations.

It was done by Stanford University professor Carlos D. Bustamante, a prominent expert in the field.

Warren's purported Native American heritage was touted by Harvard Law School when she was a professor there.

On Monday morning, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, dismissed Warren's DNA test as "junk science", an early indication that Trump is not likely to follow through on the donation.

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The report says Warren could have a Native American relative as recently as six generations ago, giving her 1/32 American Indian heritage if accurate, according to The Washington Post.

That meshes with an 1894 document the New England Genealogical Society unearthed suggesting Warren's great-great-great-grandmother, O.C. Sarah Smith, was at least partially Native American.

Just on Friday, Mr. Trump renewed his criticism of Ms. Warren during a Fox News interview saying, "I have more Indian blood than she does, and I have none, unfortunately". Regardless, the remarkable trajectory of her career - which took her from being a young mother attending a commuter college to Harvard Law to the Senate - was a product of her own talents, grit, and luck, not her ethnic self-identification. Elizabeth Warren had a DNA analysis done that provides strong evidence she does, in fact, have Native American heritage. The senator has told this story many times before.

"Send them your $1M check, @realDonaldTrump", Warren added.

"The 2016 Democratic nominee for president", Linskey wrote, "chafed at releasing personal information and was dogged throughout her campaign by her use of a private server while she was secretary of state".

Native American leaders have called Trump's mockery insensitive and an example of prejudice.