Tara Reid kicked off flight for 'customer disturbance'


On Monday, a flight attendant asked Tara Reid to get off of a Delta Airline flight.

A spokesperson for Delta previously confirmed to Fox News that "Delta flight 613 from Los Angeles to New York JFK-International returned to the gate, prior to takeoff, due to a customer disturbance on board".

In the video above, Reid can be seen speaking with a flight attendant before complying with his request that she exit the plane.

The 42-year-old explained to TMZ that she was upset when she found out she didn't have a window seat like she thought.

Fans of Tara know this isn't the first time she's faced scrutiny.

Tara told us she grabbed another flight to NY because, "they wouldn't let the dog sit next to me, so I wasn't going to stay on the plane". Eyewitnesses claim that Reid was very loud and impolite, complaining about her seat and then about the fact that she hadn't been given a pillow.

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Given Reid's history of scandals and addiction, her excuse is falling on (mostly) deaf ears, as she's criticized for delaying the flight for her stupid demands.

In August, the American Pie actress sparked some concern after appearing in a freakish interview, where she appeared to be slurring her words.

"Of course everyone made a big deal about it", she added. A spokesman for Delta told us that the flight eventually took off "following a short delay".

ET has reached out to Reid's team for comment.

Flight attendants had to ask her Tara Reid to leave after she was being hard about her seating arrangements.

The captain took the plane back from the gate but refused to take it off until Reid was escorted off it.