Study finds not exercising worse than smoking, diabetes


Previously researchers have been concerned with the idea of over exercising or "ultra" exercises and that those who excessively exercise might be at a higher risk of death, but this study found that not to be the case. It found that any level of cardiovascular fitness-including the kind you'd see from elite athletes-is linked to staying alive longer.

Meanwhile, those that didn't do well on the treadmill test were said to have nearly two times the health risks as those with kidney failure on dialysis.

"There is no level of exercise or fitness that exposes you to risk", he said.

Based on this evidence, some researchers have theorized that the negative effects of exercise follow a U-curve, where too little and too much can damage the heart and shorten our lives.

Cleveland Clinic is a nonprofit multispecialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. To find the association between all-cause mortality and cardiorespiratory health in patients undergoing treadmill testing, researchers studied 122,007 patients between January 1, 1991 up to December 31, 2014, and divided them into five performance groups or levels of fitness.

Researchers retrospectively studied 122,007 patients who underwent exercise treadmill testing to measure all-cause mortality relating to the benefits of exercise and fitness.

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By the end of 2017, about 13,500 people had died.

"Aerobic fitness is something that most patients can control". Comparing one who doesn't exercise regularly with top performers the risk was 390% higher.

We've all heard exercise helps you live longer.

Western lifestyles have become increasingly more unhealthy and sedentary leading to higher incidence of heart disease, studies show that this is modifiable and reversible with being physically active and exercise. And the effects of elite exercise were especially profound in older people and those with high blood pressure. "We're meant to walk, run, exercise".

More than $200 billion is spent per year within the U.S. on CVD and diabetes; rather than paying huge amounts of money for disease treatment patients and communities should be heavily encouraged to be active and exercise daily explains Dr. Jordan Metzl; adding a big revelation from research is that fitness leads to longer and healthier lives, with no known limits to the benefits of aerobic exercise, as a study has shown that ultra exercisers are not at risks.

So yeah, the more exercise you can get, the better.