Nintendo Switch Just Outsold Gamecube's Lifetime Sales


Highly anticipated: Nintendo's Switch is midway through its second year and sales continue to be incredibly solid.

Furukawa, who at 46-years-old is young by Japanese corporate standards, said the service had got off to a good start but declined to provide financial details.

"Still, remakes and indie titles aren't compelling enough for most people to buy a new console".

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We've known the Nintendo Switch was going to be a big seller from the day it launched, with Nintendo reporting soon afterwards it was the company's fastest-selling console. The company has also sold 111.10 million software units for the Switch. Mobile has yet to become a meaningful segment of revenue, but the strength of Nintendo Switch and first party software sales are covering up for the weakness in the company's smartphone division. With just two quarters to go - the holiday season and the usually quiet quarter just after - this means that Nintendo needs sales to increase at a rather staggering rate to reach the yearly target of 20 million sales - a target which is very much still in place. The Wii's packed-in "Wii Sports" was its top-selling title, but "Mario Kart Wii" was the top-selling non-bundled game for the system. Nintendo didn't really have any major new releases during this period, either, with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and a Labo Vehicle Kit being the only first-party highlights.

The Wii and DS are the runaway winners at present with an incredible 101.63m and 154.02m units sold respectively; the Game Boy sold 118.69m units, the Game Boy Advance 81.51m, 3DS sold 73.53m, the NES 61.91m units, the SNES shifted 49.10m, and the Nintendo 64 is next to be caught with 32.93m units sold. If they do hit this figure, then they deserve commendations for an excellent fiscal year and console. In the last quarter, revenue grew to $1.96 billion compared to $1.95 billion for the same period previous year.