Kanye West and Kim Kardashian get Ugandan names


"First, let me begin with the idea that time is a myth, and there's an infinite amount of universe".

Finally, Trump makes sense of West.

Redd's West said that he flew to the meeting using the "power" of his "Make America Great Again" hat. "Kanye wants to be Trump's famous friend, because Obama called Kanye a 'jackass, '" Jost said. He talked about everything from being a prisoner in a different dimension, how the 13th amendment is a trap door and how he has a "high IQ" and how he "got the best words". Kanye and Kim were pictured meeting with the president of Uganda.

Redd's West then went on to discuss several of the insane topics the "We Got Love" singer actually talked about in Thursday's widely reported meeting: Air Force One and planes, Superman, the 13th Amendment - which West called a "trap door" for African-Americans - and other things.

But prior to a lunch of caprese salad and roasted chicken, West went full Kanye while speaking to reporters in the Oval Office launching into a soliloquy that touched on a smattering of sometimes freakish topics. "Who does he remind me of?" says Mr. Baldwin as Mr. Trump in voiceover.

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He followed that up with another video - this one showing police officers arriving at the woman's home . Not only that, but a brilliant local journalist Zainab Iqbal, found out that she never even called 911.

Both Kanye West and President Yoweri Museveni and are ardent supporters of US President Donald Trump and have often been criticized for it. While some criticized his behavior and depiction of Trump as a father figure of sorts, others praised Ye's willingness to bring certain topics to the Oval Office, including a pardon for incarcerated former gang leader Larry Hoover.

"Another thing is opening up industries, and we've got to get some tax breaks too, because - you know we're making - we got a Speed factory in Atlanta, but the shoes are costing us USD300 so it's costing us too - too much to make things".

Kanye tells him: "Don't stop the music unless I say stop the music. turn that music back on, OK? Kanye did a sketch about how insane it was he interrupted speeches, then two years later he was at an awards show and thought, 'I should do it again'". "We're both geniuses, we're both married to handsome women and we both definitely have been recorded saying the 'N-word'".

As expected, Saturday Night Live spoofed the meeting, ending with this quip by Alec Baldwin: "Oh my God, he's Black me!"