Julian Assange Sues Ecuador for Violating His 'Fundamental Rights'


Assange accuses Ecuador in isolation from the outside world.

WikiLeaks said its move comes nearly seven months after Ecuador "threatened to remove his protection and summarily cut off his access to the outside world, including by refusing to allow journalists and human rights organizations to see him".

It said Ecuador's government had refused to allow a visit by Human Rights Watch's general counsel Dinah PoKempner and stopped several meetings with Assange's lawyers.

"Ecuador's measures against Julian Assange have been widely condemned by the human rights community".

It goes on to state that the protocol requires journalists, lawyers, and anyone else seeking to see Assange to "disclose private or political details such as their social media usernames, the serial numbers and IMEI codes of their phones and tablets with Ecuador-which the Protocol says the government may "share with other agencies".

Assange's lawyers question the legality of this protocol, which, according to the statement, makes "Assange's political asylum depend on the censorship of his freedom of opinion, expression and association".

Julian Assange sought refuge at the Ecuador Embassy in Knightsbridge in June 2012, having lost an appeal against extradition to Sweden for questioning on allegations of rape and sexual assault that went to the Supreme Court.

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Recall that Assange has been granted asylum in Ecuador from the predecessor of President Moreno Rafael Correa.

The WikiLeaks founder, 47, was given a set of new house rules earlier this week, including cleaning his bathroom and taking better care of his cat.

Garzon told a press conference in Ecuador on Thursday that Assange was suing Ecuador Foreign Minister Jose Valencia over his "inhuman" living conditions at the embassy.

The site believes Ecuador is under increasing pressure to hand Mr Assange over to United Kingdom authorities.

Julian Assange remains inside the Ecuadorian embassy.

Under the protocol, Assange is to have his access to the internet restored via the embassy wifi. Though the case has been dropped Assange fears U.S. extradition due to his work with Wikileaks and has continued to remain in the embassy.