Hilarious Pixel 3 XL bug gives you another notch to love


The notch glitch has turned up for several users on Twitter, as well as for some users on reddit, all of whom appear to have resolved the issue with a quick reboot. Try two notches! That's exactly what some Pixel 3 XL owners are now experiencing, with a new glitch plopping an additional "virtual" notch on the screen of Google's latest flagship device. It's not yet known what triggers this behavior, but if you have a Pixel 3 XL and you see a second notch, don't worry. But the one thing nearly everyone agrees on is the notch: the ugly cutout is the phone's worst feature. Google allows only one notch per side which is top or bottom and no notches on the side of the device.

As of now, there's no word on what's causing the extra notch bug, but according to an Android Police report, the problem is occurring due to the screen rotation feature. The notch disappears after a restart or changing some of the developer settings, but it's certainly an annoying and amusing bug.

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The Pixel 3 is the latest in Google's line of premium flagship smartphones.

During our review of the Pixel 3 (it's coming shortly) Scott did run afoul of this notch glitch once, but only briefly and it didn't remain like it did for these users. Still annoying, but knowing that Google is aware, and that a fix is coming soon, is reassuring.