Facebook may soon bring `Unsend` feature on Messenger


Facebook is testing an "Unsend" feature for Facebook Messenger. If you Delete a message, it will remove it from your side of the conversation. TechCrunch reported on the same after receiving a tip from Jane Manchun Wong, who accessed a prototype of the "Unsend" button. However, she did not mention what the time limit is. As the name suggests, this option allows users to quickly delete the sent messages from the recipient's end. You also probably won't be able to unsend messages after they've been seen, since that would be more confusing than useful.

It is worth to note that Instagram already has this option and users can unsend messages.

For now, you can delete messages from your inbox.

WhatsApp, for example, has an unsend feature that launched a year ago. With the help of the 3D photo feature, the users will not only be able to view 3D photos but also create them with life-like dimensions with added depth and movement.

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But it is not the first time that Facebook implemented such capacity.

There had been suspicions that Facebook had just been trying to fob people off, promising that it would give everyone the unsend option and then going silent about it. Instagram refers to the new feature as "Facebook Location History" and describes it as a method of tracking the Global Positioning System location of a user using Facebook's tools. However, there is a period of time after you send the text to retract it.

There's no word on when exactly will Facebook roll-out this feature to all the users, so until then, stay alert and think twice when sending a message to someone on Facebook Messenger.