Beyond the Weather: Orionid meteor shower


The Royal Observatory Greenwich (ROG) says the Orionid Meteor Shower "is one of the best known and most reliable meteor showers in the annual calendar, visible from across the globe".

Meanwhile, those in the Midwest and south-central USA will be facing cloudy conditions on Sunday night that obscure the shower for most of the night.

A mainly clear night sky this weekend will give us the opportunity to see the Orionid meteor shower.

The shower occurs every October when Earth passes through debris from Halley's Comet.

The Orionids originate from Halley's comet, which was last seen on Earth in 1986.

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You may have spotted a meteor or two streaking across the sky this month, but the big show is coming this weekend.

The meteors are bits of space rock that have entered the earth's atmosphere.

These shooting stars will be visible to the naked eye and best seen in areas with low light pollution, the most dramatic sights will visible between just before midnight on Sunday October 21 into dawn on the Monday morning. They are framed by some of the brightest stars in the night sky, adding to their spectacle.

The meteors radiate from constellation Orion.

Astronomers suggest trying to view the shower in the early morning after the moon has set.