Russians tried to help Assange escape from London embassy hideout


Assange and the embassy have denied the report, which comes days after the Associated Press announced it had obtained documents showing that Assange had applied for a Russian visa in November 2010, just before he was arrested by Scotland Yard.

Russian diplomats held secret talks in London a year ago with people close to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to assess whether they could help him flee the United Kingdom, the Guardian has revealed.

But Britain's Foreign Office in a December 21 note said it did not accept Assange as a diplomat and that it did not "consider that Mr. Assange enjoys any type of privileges and immunities under the Vienna Convention", reads the letter, citing a British diplomatic note. However, earlier in the day, WikiLeaks categorically denied that Assange's proposed diplomatic status had anything to do with Russian Federation.

"The Embassy has never engaged either with Ecuadorian colleagues, or with anyone else, in discussions on any kind of Russia's participation in ending Mr Assange's stay within the diplomatic mission of Ecuador", it wrote. WikiLeaks website did not respond to an email seeking comment.

On Friday, also prior to the Reuters report, the Russian Embassy in London being involved with trying to get Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy.

(Spanish) in Quito on Thursday that Assange's citizenship should be rescinded.

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"At this moment, what is Assange's status?" she said. Thus, the WikiLeaks founder can not depart the Ecuadorian Embassy, as shall be instantly detained by the London police.

The persona of Julian Assange has become a thorn in Ecuador's president Lenin Moreno's side and, ever since assuming office in May of previous year, Moreno has made every effort to make sure the Australian's stay at Ecuador's embassy in London comes to an end as soon as possible. Two sources familiar with the inner workings of the Ecuadorian embassy said that Fidel Narv ez, a close confidant of Assange who until recently served as Ecuador's London consul, had served as a point of contact with Moscow.

In preparation to become an Ecuadorean diplomatic official, Reuters added, Assange penned a letter retracting his request for political asylum that Vintimilla insists means the Wikileaks founder should be kicked out of the embassy.

The ex-hacker's links to the Kremlin would become increasingly salient before the 2016 USA presidential election, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation says Russia's military intelligence agency directly supplied WikiLeaks with stolen emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman and other Democratic figures.

"We assess with high confidence that the GRU relayed material it acquired from the DNC and senior Democratic officials to WikiLeaks", the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in a January 7, 2017 report. "Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries".