Microsoft tests third party browser 'warning' in Windows 10


When a user clicks to initiate the browser install process, they will be greeted with a warning that states: "You already have Microsoft Edge - the safer, faster browser for Windows 10". However, now Microsoft has been spotted testing a warning that suggests users utilise Microsoft Edge instead, instead of installing Chrome or Firefox.

"Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans say that the particular warning would not appear in the final October update", The Verge reported late on Wednesday.

The new public release of Windows 10 is version 1809, the October 2018 Update. Now, these "app suggestions" can be turned in the Settings app if you don't want Microsoft promoting Edge as you try to install another browser, and the popup itself doesn't stop you from installing other browsers, it just reminds you that Edge exists and is worth a try.

The media are reporting that Microsoft is adding pop-up notifications in the latest Windows 10 test builds, now available in the Windows Insiders program. This is based on the fact that the change was not documented in any of Microsoft's blog posts.

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However, Microsoft is already receiving push-back from power users on Twitter and other social media platforms - and the product isn't even available for general consumption yet.

In fact, it was hard to tell any difference between the speed of the three major browsers when using an advert- and script-heavy site site, with each browser being fast to load pages. It has started showing a "warning" before you download the web browser.

Overall Edge was behind Chrome in two out of three benchmarks, significantly in the case of Ares-6, but also beat Firefox in two out of three benchmarks.

Microsoft also tested the effect of video streaming on the battery. Microsoft wants you to know that Edge is the faster, safer browser, designed for Windows. Clicking "Install anyway" installs the "other browsers" without issues. Now it has been seen to be testing a significantly more obtrusive messaging method to try and swat away and stall the installation of rival browsers.