Fortnite to add Port-A-Fortress item in final season 5 update


Building is the cornerstone of good Fortnite play, but it isn't exactly an easy skill to develop.

Port-A-Fort was recently upgraded from Epic to Rare rarity, and now we know why the Fortnite developer did that. Acting in an nearly identical way to the original Port-a-Fort, this new variant looks monstrously huge, providing you with much more cover than the standard version while building just as quickly. According to an update to the game's intro page, the Port-a-Fortress will be heading to the game some time soon. It's handy in a few different scenarios, whether you're out of building materials and need to lay down quick cover or you're trying to confuse an enemy player by tossing a Port-a-Fort grenade into one of their own structures. "Toss down the Port-a-Fortress and take defense to new heights", the accompanying blurb says, suggesting that it'll function mjust like the Port-a-Fort already does.

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The Spiky Stadium wasn't the only item to be introduced in the V5.41 patch - the new "Port-a-Fortress", which is a Legendary version of the Port-a-Fort was also added to the game.

It's unclear what the Port-a-Fortress will look like in-game, but looking closely at the image could provide a slight hint. In an series of events which seems to be pure luck, Redditor /u/Feralidragon released a concept for a Legendary Port-a-Fort 20 minutes before the Port-a-Fortress announcement. All things considered, though, we will likely see even more items added alongside the Port-a-Fortress, so there could be a new weapon that becomes everyone's favorite soon.