Brett Kavanaugh Assault Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Requests Judiciary Hearing Delay


A Twitter account affiliated with the far right posted Ford's address Tuesday morning, calling for "peaceful protests" at her home and labeling her allegation a "hoax" by the "deranged left", according to the Post. Only the White House can... The FBI could interview Ford, Kavanaugh and others about the allegation if Trump asked the bureau to reopen its background investigation, but the president has rejected that idea, saying the FBI has already done its work.

Ford's attorneys said in the letter that they wanted an FBI investigation of the incident before she testifies in front of the committee in Washington.

Republicans are suggesting that Ford will have one chance to testify, and one chance only.

Why is the Senate setting a deadline?

The president said the judge had been treated "very, very tough".

Lawyer Lisa Banks said before her client goes to Congress, she wants an FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh. We can't know who is telling the truth here, so we can't possibly try, is the underlying argument. It also makes sense that Chuck Grassley and the Republicans on the committee are loathe to agree, since any delay means potentially pushing the nomination to the other side of the midterms, when the Senate makeup might look very different.

"The FBI does not make a credibility assessment of any information it receives with respect to a nominee". In this case, that would be the White House. Republicans hope to have Kavanaugh confirmed by October 1, the start of the next Supreme Court term. He says the committee's investigation of Ford's claim is sufficient.

The lawyers for Ford predicted the hearing, as now scheduled, "would include interrogation by senators who appear to have made up their minds" that she is "mistaken" and mixed up. "The invitation for Monday (Sept. 24) still stands".

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'This is a completely false allegation.

"I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as "PJ" who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post", Smyth said in his letter, CNN reported. "He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing".

Anita Hill - whose allegation against Clarence Thomas has drawn endless parallels with the Ford-Kavanaugh controversy - says the accuser must not be hurried. "We're ready to hear anything she has to say". "While no sexual assault survivor should be subjected to such an ordeal, Dr. Ford wants to cooperate with the Committee and with law enforcement officials".

Trump and his Republican Party have been careful to express readiness to give the judge's accuser a fair hearing. "Very hard for me to imagine that anything happened".

Earlier in the day, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the Senate Judiciary Committee would offer Ford the opportunity to testify in either an open public session or behind closed doors about her allegation.

"If she shows up, that would be wonderful". Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said in a statement Wednesday.

'I graduated from Holton Arms and knew both Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. "I think they're going to do a good job". Kirsten Gillibrand called the allegation "disqualifying" and said she believes Ford. The Justice Department, for its part, argued in a statement late Monday that it is the FBI's responsibility to evaluate any threat Kavanaugh may pose to national security, but that Ford's claim "does not involve any potential federal crime" for the FBI to investigate.

Both have called on Judge Kavanaugh and Prof Ford to testify under oath. "Now, just one week after Christine Blasey Ford shared her story, Republicans want to repeat past mistakes", Feinstein charged, "rushing the process to hold a hearing".