Amazon investigating claims of bribes and leaked data


An Amazon spokesperson told ABC News on Monday that the company launched an internal probe in light of a report in The Wall Street Journal that claimed employees may have sold data and accepted bribes from independent merchants. Amazon's customer review system is an integral part of the site, and many shoppers depend on it, even subconsciously, when choosing between various items. It is particularly present in China.

Through this information, sellers managed to delete negative product reviews, and restore banned accounts for payments ranging between $80 (Rs 5,800 approx.) and $2000 (Rs 1,44,990 approx.).

Amazon said it had a "zero tolerance" policy for abuse of its systems by sellers and that it would take "swift action" against "bad actors". Not really - Amazon has allowed foreign third-party sellers to list on the website directly for a while now, in order to try and compete with rivals like Alibaba.

It is also found that the Amazon employees involved in the bribery are working with brokers who facilitate the exchange of confidential data and money between them and the merchants.

While controlling search results is fiercely tricky, the capacity to delete negative reviews on products is especially irritating for Amazon, as it takes away the genuineness of its business profile. They referred to an average of $300 to remove a bad product review.

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These middlemen apparently use Chinese messaging service WeChat to make such deals. This includes terminating accounts, deleting reviews, withholding funds, and taking legal action.

This comes according to both merchants who bought said information, and brokers who sold it, both of whom talked to the publisher, along with "people familiar with internal investigations".

Amazon has been accused of "dehumanizing" its staff to deliver products to customers. "We have a really big China export business to Europe and the United States".

He said that some of his colleagues were so exhausted from working 55-hour weeks that they would "sleep on their feet". Studies and reporting show that Amazon exploits their dependence to undermine them as rivals. The safety and well-being of our permanent and temporary associates is our number one priority'.