Watch Nicki Minaj Rap About Stephen Colbert in a "Barbie Dreams" Update


"I noticed I'm not on the list of men", Colbert joked, as a blushing Minaj laughed discreetly. "I might [bleep] Stephen after the show/He gon' come back to work with a magical glow", she began.

"Hey y'all! I'm doing The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight and I'm just gonna let you know right now, it's top three interviews of all time". I'm just ... it's a pretty comprehensive list!

As Colbert blushed and the crowd roared with laughter, Onika continued.

The rapper initially stalled the release of Queen by a week, to August 17, so she could officially get Chapman's OK - but it appears that didn't come, and she was forced to leave her love song, Sorry, with former lover Nas off the album, which dropped early on Friday, just hours after Nicki had signed off on the project.

Minaj went on to ask Colbert if he was married, but the comedian appeared lost for words. "You heard what I said, you relay that message boo-boo", Nicki told Clue.

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After the Queen radio takeover on Beats 1 last Thursday, Nicki chose to give Funk Flex the premiere of her Nas featured track 'Sorry' on Sunday. Stephen prodded her that it was Drizzy.

She then clarified that two people on his list approached her about it, but she wasn't going to snitch.

After Colbert got himself together, the pair talked about the track and Minaj admitted she got a couple of calls about "Barbie Dreams" but wouldn't name the callers. The other person, he was just laughing.

'He was texting me, cursing me out and laughing, ' Minaj said so she kept replying with the crying face emoji.