NSW Bushfires In Ulladulla, Nowra


Strong winds and dry conditions are now making flames spread in Ulladulla and Bega Valley in New South Wales (NWS), Australia.

The Richmond Valley fire burning at Mothersoles Rd is threatening "some isolated rural properties", he said.

Residents in the Woodstock area are advised to seek shelter in a solid structure as the fire approaches, with those in Burrill Lake, Kings Point and south of Ulladulla urged to move north.

An out-of-control fire is now burning in the Blue Mountains.

On Thursday, the Rural Fire Service confirmed two homes were destroyed at Bemboka and a third home damaged at North Nowra.

A resident hoses down a shed destroyed by the fire at Bomaderry.

"Escaped fires pose a very real and potentially deadly threat to the public, especially if that escaped burn takes hold and fire authorities are not notified", he said.

Most of the large firefighting aircraft don't typically arrive in Australia until after September, and demand for their services is likely to remain high in Europe and North America amid record summer heat in many regions.

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Fire crews have been on high alert, after the entire state of New South Wales was last week declared as either "in drought" or "drought affected", bringing dry conditions.

"I'm looking out my window and half of the sky is blue and then there's a definite line in the sky and to the left it's very orange, the sun is very filtered, there's choppers in the sky, there's quite thick smoke and it's very windy", she said.

Firefighters have worked overnight on 79 bushfires across NSW, with 32 burning uncontained.

Two other fires - in Budawang National Park near Ulladulla and Nowra - also contributed to a hectic day for crews.

Proactive fire prevention had suffered a lack of government funding, the La Trobe University researcher said.

"We do see a return to strong and gusty winds on Saturday - up to ..."

RFS Inspector Ben Shepherd said the fire is now under watch and act, and property owners near the area need to follow the advice of firefighters and enact their bushfire survival plan.

"It's certainly extremely dry", Mr Rogers said. "It's only been three months since the last fire we had in Holsworthy in April".