Movie producer's daughter found dead in the Bronx


The 26-year-old, who appeared with her sister Maya on EJ Johnson's Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills spinoff in 2016, was found "sprawled out on the sidewalk" in a pajama top and no trousers Tuesday morning.

Reality star Lyric McHenry was found dead after an East Coast birthday celebration. She was allegedly 20 weeks pregnant and the 26-year-old's body was found on the sidewalk above the Major Deegan Expressway around 5am EST on August 14.

According to the New York Daily News, McHenry, who was 20 weeks pregnant, was dressed in a pajama top and no trousers, but was wearing underwear.

McHenry was found on a sidewalk at 5 a.m. above the Major Deegan Expressway at Undercliff Avenue and Boscobel Place in Highbridge in the Bronx area of New York, according to the New York Daily News.

A Medical Examiner will determined the cause of death and an investigation is ongoing. And she was allegedly five months pregnant. A source told Radar that McHenry's family had to "take shifts and sit with her so she's not alone for a couple of hours" upon her hospitalization.

Doug McHenry is known for directing projects like "Jason's Lyric" and "House Party 2", and for producing films such as "Krush Groove", "New Jack City" and "Mr. Murder". There were no obvious signs of trauma observed.

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According to the New York Post, she apparently had drugs on her.

The night before her body was found, it appeared she was celebrating her birthday.

The final video she posted shows McHenry with her arm around a man, the Manhattan skyline behind her.

She posted an Instagram story of McHenry happily posing for the camera, the caption reading '@lyric_leigh bday turnup'.

According to Us Weekly, McHenry, who graduated from Stanford University, was a freelance writer and producer.

McHenry's sister Maya, who also appeared on EJ Johnson's reality show, was likewise at the birthday celebration.