James Bond producers eyeing Idris Elba as next 007


However, given the length of time it took the actor to be confirmed in the role and the fact that he has played Bond for well over a decade now, it seems unlikely that he will be back for a sixth film.

Now he has shot back up to the top of every single United Kingdom bookies list. Why?

Other actors who have been rumored to be in line for the iconic job are Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston and Michael Fassbender. At the time, the actor said he felt people who want a Bond of color throw his name around because he's black - but not because they think he's necessarily a good fit for the super spy.

He remains the only high-profle black star to be linked to the role.

Fuqua then hinted that Elba could eventually be in the running for the role, saying, "Idris could do it if he was in shape". You need a guy with physically strong presence.

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Who will be the next James Bond?

Before anyone starts planning a James Bond movie marathon, popping champagne and setting off celebratory fireworks, or changing their social media display icons to a photo of the impossibly handsome Elba (c'mon, we know someone had to be tempted), let's take a step back and analyze this information. He would also be 47 when Bond 26, in theory, would begin filming.

Despite the entire WhatCulture office - and most of you, probably - demanding that I be cast as the next Bond, producers might actually be honing in on some else to play the role. And after years of fan demand, it appears that Elba may finally have to start ordering his martini's shaken, not stirred.

Elba's name has always been tossed around as an ideal candidate.