China optimistic about summit between Korean leaders


The United States' last major negotiation with North Korea was the Leap Day agreement in 2012 that involved Pyongyang halting uranium production and missile testing.

Plans to build a railway across the peninsula will kick off this year, he added, proposing an East Asian railroad community that groups China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia and the United States. Almost 9,000 more jobs in the North could be created by restarting the Kumgang mountain tourism project, that ended in 2008 after a visitor was shot by a North Korean soldier.

The September festivities in the North are meant to be spectacular homage to Kim's campaign to bolster his country's image overseas and ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula through diplomacy with its neighbors and the United States.

Moon has also pushed for restarting economic projects such as the Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea, a manufacturing park six miles north of the heavily armed border between the two countries.

"I can tell you that conversations with the government of North Korea are becoming a far more normal matter, and that is exactly why we won't be reading out every detail, every time we meet with them, every phone conversation or email that we exchange with them", she continued.

SULLIVAN: "I've heard that North Korea has a saying, those aboard the same ship share the same mind", he said, adding, "it's very important for us to move forward with the same mind".

The investigation came amid media speculation that Seoul has not been taking due steps to block the entry of the illegal North Korean products as party of efforts to denuclearize the North and foster a lasting peace on the peninsula.

"That is certainly a step in the right direction", she said.

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"Sanctions will remain in place until North Korea takes concrete and verifiable steps towards denuclearization", said Harris during an address at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy in Seoul.

However, the president said inter-Korean cooperation may take off in earnest only after the North completely denuclearises.

But without progress in the North's denuclearization, there isn't much Seoul can do on its own to take inter-Korean relations to the next level.

The US State Department said Tuesday that while Washington supports "a peace regime", its prime goal was ending North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes.

But the North Korean leadership has reason to act with urgency on the issue of an official peace treaty.

South Korean Moon Jae-in yesterday called for the creation of road and rail links between his nation and North Korea by the end of the year.

Moon will become just the third South Korean president to travel to the North Korean capital.

Declaring an end to the war was one of the agreements at the groundbreaking April summit, but little progress has been made with the United States and North Korea at loggerheads over Pyongyang's denuclearisation.