Twitter purge means fewer followers for Trump, Obama, Justin Bieber


The Washington Post reported last week that Twitter has suspended more than one million accounts a day in recent months, and the rate has more than doubled since October, when the company, under congressional pressure, revealed how Russians used fake accounts to manipulate the U.S. presidential election.

Trudeau's account lost 30,000 followers between July 11 and July 13; Harper's account lost 20,000 followers in that time frame; and Singh's follower count dropped by 15,000.

He remains the third-most-followed person on the site, behind singers Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, according to the Daily Beast.

President Trump has used the platform to make official statements, rant about news outlets, bully opponents, connect directly to his followers, and with a single tweet, caused a media firestorm.

He said average Twitter users will not see such a dramatic difference in their follower counts, with most people losing only about four followers or fewer.

Gadde explained their decision, saying: "As part of our ongoing and global effort to build trust and encourage healthy conversation on Twitter, every part of the service matters". The politicians now have 101 million and 53.1 million followers, respectively.

The number of Modi's followers went down to 43.1 million from 43.4 million.

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Social media giant says it will start shutting down suspicious accounts it has locked.

"Follower counts are a visible feature, and we want everyone to have confidence that the numbers are meaningful and accurate".

For Twitter, anyone who tweets a large volume of unsolicited replies, unnecessarily tags a large number of people or tweets misleading links becomes a suspicious user.

"Over the years, we've locked accounts when we detected sudden changes in account behaviour", Twitter spokeswoman Vijaya Gadde said. He lost just 326,118 followers on Thursday, the day before most accounts saw a drop, and on Friday he regained 5,339 followers.

If the owner doesn't respond and reset their password, Twitter locks the account.

On Wednesday, Twitter said it was making the change in order to boost the credibility of follower-count numbers and improve transparency.