Trump's visit ruffles feathers, sets back UK-US special relationship — Interview


Staff at Britain's Blenheim Castle were likely still cleaning up after a lavish state dinner Thursday when The Sun dropped the contents of its wide-ranging interview with U.S. President Donald Trump.

The US leader has recently threatened to hit imports of European cars with a 20-percent tariff if Brussels doesn't remove levies and other trade barriers on US goods.

Two senior cabinet ministers, including former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, had resigned in protest of the strategy just days before Mr. Trump arrived, and several backbench MPs were in open revolt.

At the news conference, Trump brought up the interview, and sought to clarify that Johnson would indeed be a good prime minister - but May is too. "We have enough difficulty with the European Union", he said Thursday.

"I could fully understand why she thought it was a little bit tough".

In the piece, Trump said he advised May on how to handle the exit from the European Union and said he "would have done it much differently".

"The message we came here to give today is that Trump is not welcome in Britain", said shopkeeper Grish Gregoran, 58, who took the day off to attend. But I told her how to do it.

Trump, who meets with Putin in Helsinki next week, said he would raise Russia's interference in the 2016 elections but added "I don't think you'll have any "Gee, I did it, I did it, you got me" " response from the Russian Federation leader.

Trump said that the "special relationship" - "the highest level of special" - between the two countries is "a bond that is like no other".

"I was very surprised and saddened that he was getting out of government".

"The UK has a proud history of welcoming people who are fleeing persecution to our country", she said.

However, Trump ruled out May pursuing "no deal" - a move favoured by hard Brexiteers - saying there was no way the Prime Minister could walk away from the Brussels talks without an agreement. "I think you are losing your culture".

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"My father Germany, my mother Scotland".

Laura: 'I'm here to protest because Trump is a misogynistic, racist pig and I don't want him in my country'. I think what's happened to Europe is a shame. Sadiq Khan - this, I think, helps him. I think it changed the fabric of Europe. Do you think Putin is happy about that? "He thought she was great on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation today and is a really terrific person. Let's go to a real network". You don't see, like, anything embarrassing.

Queen Elizabeth II has met every USA president since 1952, with the exception of Lyndon B. Johnson. She did not accompany the president to his meetings with world leaders in Canada and Singapore last month.

May jumped to his defense, saying: "I've been listening to the president and the president has been listening to me ... and there will be times when we disagree and issues on which we disagree". Look at what is going on in London. "I think he's done a bad job". Trump also blamed recent terrorist attacks there on Khan, who is Muslim. That's your decision. Whatever you're going to do is OK with us. "Now he might not like the current President, but I represent the United States".

Revealing he had apologized to the prime minister earlier in the day for the interview published in The Sun, Trump said he had confidence in the job May was doing. "We should cherish the fact they've got the right".

Khan, who has been a target of Trump's ire before, said his job was to make sure the protests were peaceful, not to be a censor or the "arbiter of good taste". So we have a double whammy, a double hit. "They don't like what is happening in the United Kingdom, in America, across the world - there are so many problems", Mazur said.

There was no sight or sound of the thousands of people rallying against President Trump in central London during his wife's visit, which her staff managed to largely keep secret to avoid the ire of demonstrators.

"I used to love London as a city". "I know it is politically not necessarily correct to say that, but I will say it and I will say it loud".

A number of people in red jumpsuits and hi-visibility yellow vests with the words "Trump babysitter" written on their backs stood guard inside the cordon that separated he blimp from the crowd.

"You don't hear the word "England" as much as you should".

"I think England is a lovely name". But (the football team at the World Cup is) playing as 'England.' That's very interesting.