Ontario woman accidentally steals auto from Walmart parking lot


We go back to late June, when a woman hired a black Nissan Sentra from a vehicle rental company in the city of Cornwall.

A CANADIAN woman "stole" a complete stranger's auto following an nearly unbelievable carpark stuff-up.

Returning to the parking lot, she instead got into a black Infiniti QX50 crossover-SUV parked nearby, which she mistook for her rental and which was, unfortunately, open with the keys in the ignition.

Since the Infiniti owner had reported his auto stolen, the police were able to track him down and return the vehicle.

"We investigate stolen vehicles but this is definitely a unique situation for us", said Stephanie MacRae, communications coordinator with Cornwall Police.

After the woman had finished her shopping, she returned to "her" auto, and used the vehicle for the next two weeks.

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At this time, the owner of the Infiniti returned to the parking lot and discovered his vehicle was missing, to which he reported it stolen to local police. She mistook the mans 2015 Infiniti QX50 as her auto after doing her shopping and drove off.

The auto started right up and she drove off because the vehicle, much like her rental did not use a key to start the auto, but a key fob. Each vehicle was returned to its rightful owner.

"Once inside, the woman spoke to the manager and commented about how unkempt the inside of the vehicle was and the fact that there was a set of golf clubs in it as well", the Cornall Community Police Service said on its Facebook page.

A Canadian man has had his auto returned to him after it was stolen two weeks ago - but the story of where it ended up is nearly too good to be true. "The woman was not impressed and handed over the keys". I got into the auto and I noticed different objects on the dashboard, then I noticed I got into the wrong vehicle. The manager looked at the Infiniti keys and told her that it wasn't the original auto she rented.

The woman - who police described as being "confused and a wee bit embarrassed herself" - contacted police, explaining that she had accidentally taken an Infinity and driven around in it for two weeks.

How the mix-up happened is simple, both drivers left their keys in their vehicles. After convincing her that the vehicle was not the one she had taken from the lot, they worked to trace her steps over the past two weeks. The manager then called the police.