Montenegro Says it Embraces Peace and Stability


"Trump suggested that the United States, which "[pays] 90% of the costs to defend Europe", was being abused by the alliance.

NATO's youngest member claimed it had a "history and tradition and peaceful politics" and pledged permanent friendship to the United States, after President Donald Trump called Montenegro's people "aggressive" and capable of starting WWIII. Although Montenegro was added to the alliance past year, the US president suggested that the USA will not feel obligated to step in and protect the small nation if it went to war with, say, Russia.

I've asked the same question. "I've asked the same question", Trump answered. "And I hope that Montenegro was not part of (the) Helsinki talks". "They may get aggressive, and congratulations, you're in World War III", Trump responded.

"The problem, of course, is that the voters have their say every two years and in the meantime you have a government to run", Continetti said. The Polish government has offered up to $2 billion to cover most of the costs of building such a base and supporting USA troops in Poland, declaring it is committed "to share the burden of defense spending [and] make the decision more cost-effective for the US government". "Add that to your little equation on Montenegro". The response to this latest infliction of totally insane gibberish on the rest of the world was predictably unkind, even from the ordinarily gentle people of Montenegro. Montenegro, a former Yugoslav republic like Slovenia, the home country of US first lady Melania Trump, is known for its long Adriatic Sea beaches.

Military officials are equally concerned by Trump's rhetoric and what it means for the small Balkan state. So while it sometimes makes sense to question and criticize North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, it's also startling to see an American president continually muse aloud about its relevance. Hacking and the other digital dark arts are playing a much bigger role, and it is proving hard to get them under control.

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And for another, the obligation goes both ways.

In practice, Article 5 has allowed Europe to outsource its defense (and the attendant costs) to the United States, though it has only been invoked one time after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

If President Trump wants to shut down the critics of his performance this week in Helsinki and strengthen US national security, he can do so with one bold move: Announce he is moving out most USA forces now stationed in Germany and sending them to Poland. It has a population of around 620,000 - close to that of Fort Worth, Texas - and spends about 1.66 percent of its GDP on defense. Our recent - in our recent history, we proved to be peaceful in our region.

Trump's remarks to Carlson suggest that he is no fan of NATO's current security guarantees. Each country has been increasing its contribution towards this goal over the past few years. The newspaper said the dismissals are being made before Robert Wilkie is appointed to lead the VA. Roe said appointees in many departments serve at the pleasure of the president. He's been vocal about his opposition to NATO and threatened to pull the U.S. out of the organisation, but he's never once affirmed that he understands its role as a symbol of Western stability. But once the new pipeline is built, sending gas directly to Germany under the Baltic Sea, Russia will be able to shut off energy supplies to Eastern Europe far more easily. The organization calls for member nations to come to the aid of any ally that is attacked.