Explosion reported outside US Embassy in Beijing


A loud explosion heard outside the United States embassy in Beijing early Thursday, worldwide media reported, citing multiple eyewitness reports on social media.

The explosion happened in a public space off the southeast corner of the embassy compound, the embassy said.

The man is from Tongliao in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia, according to police.

Police did not provide a motive.

America remains a hugely popular destination for travel, education and immigration for Chinese citizens.

The US Embassy declined comment and Chinese security forces could not immediately be reached.

BREAKING: Video: Eyewitnesses report explosion outside US embassy in Beijing
Explosion reported outside the U.S. Embassy in Beijing

According to Radio Free Asia News, witnesses on the scene stated that a man made his own explosives and originally wanted to throw it into the embassy, but it exploded next to him, damaging a auto.

A witness told Radio Free Asia that a man tried to throw an explosive over the fence at the U.S. compound - but the bomb detonated in the street. AFP journalists said the visa office adjacent to where the blast took place appeared to have resumed operation not long after the incident.

Another witness said seven or eight police vehicles were at the scene and the road next to the large complex has been closed off.

The embassy resumed normal operations at about 1.45 p.m., it said.

Photos on social media showed a large amount of smoke and police vehicles surrounding the embassy shortly after the incident. Other than the bomber, no other people were injured and there was no damage to embassy property.

Staff members at the Indian and South Korean embassies said they were unaware of any unusual incident and were working as normal.

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