EU's Tusk spars with Trump ahead of meeting with nervous North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders


This seems fair. By contrast Mr Trump wrongly sees the U.S. being disadvantaged, not advantaged, by the current global order.

Mrs May is attempting to shore up her position in Downing Street following the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson amid disquiet over her approach to Brexit. Contact with him by the US president during his visit would be seen by many as an insult to May.

According to an internal European Union memo obtained by Bloomberg and using BEA figures, when including trade in goods, trade in services and primary income from investments, the US has a 12 billion-euro surplus with the EU.

It had previously been reported that Mr Trump had grown frustrated with Theresa May's "school mistress" tone. In Mr Comey's experience Mr Trump was a leader who demanded loyalty oaths, wanted absolute control, traded in lies and insisted on an us-versus-them worldview.

After Putin mentioned that White House officials were trying to interfere, a person with direct knowledge of the conversation said that Trump told to Putin, "Those are stupid people; you shouldn't listen to them, "The New York Times reported Monday".

THIS SHOULD BE EASY: President Donald Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin talk during the family photo session at the APEC Summit in Danang, Vietnam November 11, 2017.

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Germany's defense minister last week rebuffed Trump's twinning of trade and European defense spending ahead of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit. He believes that many of them are effectively getting a free ride, want the USA to take their security more seriously than they do themselves, and are taking advantage of the U.S. in defense as well as in trade.

'When NATO has a Russian Federation council with the Ambassador from Russian Federation, we talk about the concerns that we have about Ukraine, the concerns that we have about Crimea, ' she said. We will work it out and all countries will be happy. Stresses faced by the European Union, in major part because of the flow of refugees from the Middle East produced largely by the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, are also major threats to European security and directly benefit Putin. Today Europeans spend on defence many times more than Russian Federation, and as much as China. Still, Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a weekly podcast on Saturday, said Germany would increase defense spending in its 2019 budget, suggesting Trump's jawboning is paying off.

Responding to questions from reporters, Trump said he couldn't say if Putin is a friend or foe, but that he is a competitor.

He also brushed off Tusk's warning about alienating American allies.

Trump's seven-day journey begins in Brussels and will take him to England for his first visit there as president, to Scotland for a weekend respite at his private golf course and finally to Helsinki for his tête-à-tête with Putin.