America has just one Blockbuster store left


It's the end of an era as two more Blockbuster locations are set to close, leaving only one lonely location in the US.

"It's tough to tell the customers, it really is", Kevin Daymude, general manager at the DeBarr, Anchorage, location, told the newspaper.

The harsh realities of modern business are that the world only has enough room in it for one Blockbuster Video store, but don't worry: according to Harding, the OR location has no plans to close down anytime soon.

The Alaska Blockbusters made national headlines earlier this year when John Oliver bought a number of movie items from Russell Crowe's post-divorce auction, including a leather jockstrap from Cinderella Man and a vest from Les Miserables, and sent them to the stores.

With the closures, Blockbuster will be down to just one location left open in the entire U.S.: a store in Bend, Oregon. With the closure of the Alaska location, only a single store will remain in the U.S.

"Thank you for sticking by us throughout all these years", he wrote. But Alaska's extreme winters and expensive, often unreliable internet connections helped keep the doors open at some of the state's Blockbusters.

"You would not believe how much business we got just from that memorabilia alone", he said.

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"Alaska had always been - I always thought they'd outlast us", she said.

"These are the last two Blockbuster stores in Alaska that survived and it is sad to say goodbye to our dedicated customers". A Facebook post near the end of June on the Blockbuster Alaska page read, "We see you out there taking selfies in front of our stores, show them to us!"

Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy way back in 2010.

At its peak, Blockbuster operated over 9,000 stores, the New York Times reported in 2011.

Back in April, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver featured the remaining Alaskan Blockbusters (at that time there were three). In 2013, the store said it would shut down 300 stores and cut 3,000 jobs.

The past few years, however, have seen most - and now all - of the remaining Alaska Blockbusters issue their last late fee.