AT&T debuts their skinny Watch TV service to fend off Sling TV


DirecTV Now (pictured here) won't be the only streaming service available to AT&T wireless customers with the launch of WatchTV.

The Premium plan also include 15GB of tethering from your phone, and a $15 monthly credit that can be applied to a subscription to DirecTV, DirecTV Now or U-Verse (all of which, of course, are owned by AT&T).

WatchTV will include more than 30 entertainment-oriented basic cable networks-mostly Turner Networks channels like TNT, TBS and CNN, but also AMC and A&E.

The AT&T Unlimited &More plan starts at $70 a month and includes the basic WatchTV service.

Watch TV will be free for users on AT&T's newest unlimited plans, and will be $15 for everyone else.

The service, which launched this week, is free for AT&T wireless customers who subscribe to one of two new unlimited plans scheduled to launch next week: AT&T Unlimited & More, and AT&T Unlimited & More Premium.

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WatchTV will be free for subscribers of two unlimited wireless plans AT&T is launching. But that service includes sports channels like ESPN and local broadcast stations and regional sports networks. Video streaming on Unlimited & More is restricted to 480p. "This is no longer about including one channel or service with your wireless plan, but an incredible lineup of content that delivers more of what you care about".

While we still don't have the unlimited plans of our dreams (meaning actual unlimited and not the throttling we get now), carriers are trying to make it up to us by offering features that will help save data while at the same time still give us the content that we want to consume. The merger was held up in court for months after the Justice Department tried to block it, claiming that the combination would harm competition and raise prices for consumers.

And AT&T's new Unlimited &More Premium costs $80 for one line and $190 for four lines.

Finally, AT&T plans to expand availability of WatchTV at a later date, with even non-AT&T customers getting the option to use it if they want. It's not clear if that would replace the free HBO "for life" that AT&T was running on their old plans, but I'm sure that will be clarified soon.

WatchTV is the first example of how AT&T plans to marry distribution and programming from Time Warner.