Turkish airlines plane tail smashed in dramatic collision at Istanbul Intl' Airport


On account of airport surveillance is seen as South Korean airliner passing by standing perpendicular to the plane of the Turkish airlines touches the wing and destroys his tail.

At Istanbul's Ataturk Airport on Sunday, a taxiing Asiana Airlines Airbus loaded with passengers hit a stationary Turkish Airlines Airbus, shearing off the Turkish's aircraft's vertical stabilizer. The collision caused a fire on the Turkish twin-engine jet.

Footage uploaded Sunday to YouTube shows the Asiana A330's right wing crashing into and then severing the Turkish Airlines A321's vertical stabilizer, a key part of the aircraft's tail.

Airport authorities are investigating the cause of the accident.

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Turkish Airlines was not immediately available for comment.

The Asiana plane had just started to taxi before take off when it hit the other vehicle.

Asiana said no casualties were reported among the 222 passengers on board its aircraft.

"My sister Clare Chambers was on this Turkish Airlines plane in Istanbul yesterday, now tailless", Facebook user Pete Young posted on Monday. "Looks like the plane wasn't fully parked, yet ATC (air traffic control) let the Asiana plane pass behind it. Oops".