Steam Link App Brings PC Gaming to Mobile


Valve now plans to release a beta version of Steam Link the week of May 21st. According to a recent announcement, the mobile app will work similarly to the current Steam Link hardware and allows players to connect and stream gameplay from their PC to these devices. Valve recommends a 5Ghz wireless or wired Ethernet connection to make it a seamless experience.

Steam also details controller support. They are a whole lot stricter about meeting particular criteria, so if you are a new Android program programmer, you are able to check the market with your product and after that as you understand, you can tweak, upgrade and enhance that original design. This Steam Link has before been available for Steam Link outlying and some Samsung TV sets. The company will release an app that allows streaming to these devices. Valve hasn't shared all the nitty-gritty yet, so we're wondering how Touch Control will be implemented, what minimum device specs you'll need to run it, and if everything in your Steam Library will be supported out-of-the-gate. In addition, Steam Video is coming to Android.

Minecraft's Bedrock Update Finally Hits Switch Next Month
Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime issued the following statement about Minecraft's Bedrock upgrade. Until then, we'll be taking on Creepers and Ender Dragons together on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Later this summer Valve will release its Steam Video application for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms, making movies, TV shows and other content acquired through Steam available on mobile platforms. This will work both on LTE and WiFi. Apparently, they would be downloaded for offline viewing at any time.

As soon as this launches, we'll write it up.