Rainbow Six Siege Free Play Weekend Returns Again This Week


Between that, a hidden weapon vault, and the villa's location overlooking a small tower, the map bears a striking resemblance to Ezio's residence in Assassin's Creed 2. It sets the stage for diverse gameplay, providing wide staircases, narrow tunnels, and secret hatches. Now we catch the villa in a snapshot of time: Vinciguerras are burning documents and transporting their holdings before the big raid. Arriving within Operation Para Bellum, Alibi is a defender that utilises her holograms to deceive enemies, seemingly getting the drop on them.

According to the description on the official Rainbow Six Siege website post for Alibi, the new operator was "Inspired by undercover infiltration specialists in the Italian Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale unit". She infiltrated the Vinciguerra Crime Family and spent several years among them before bringing them down from the inside. The change is created to help bring more balance options to Rainbow Six: Siege when it comes to that particular feature. You'll have full access to the game and all its updates, and any progress will carry over should you decide to purchase the full game, which is 50 percent off this weekend. The map itself will be themed around a large, classic Italian mansion that will be available for various game modes within Rainbow Six: Siege.

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Full DLC Operation Para Bellum, which in addition to Ubisoft will present on 19 and 20 may.

Last week, we got a closer look at the new Italian map coming soon to Rainbow Six: Siege with Operation Para Bellum, now we're learning a bit more about one of the new operators that comes with it!