PUBG's new event mode is a deathmatch called 'Desert Knights'


"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" PC servers went down for a few hours on Wednesday, May 2, to give way to a live server maintenance to launch the PC Update #12 of the game.

PUBG patch 12 will also bring in a new vehicle available to the Miramar map.

In a crackdown on third-party marketplaces, PUBG Corp has temporarily disabled personal trading between players.

Over at the Miramar map, players may start finding the Mirado lying around waiting for a driver. To look for one, gamers better head to downtown areas especially on main city streets as they will be likely seen in these locations. In other words, it should keep players busy throughout most of the upcoming weekend. According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile earned about $1 million in its first week of having in-game micro-transactions available on both Android and iOS, comparatively Fortnite iOS made $3.7 million during the same time frame in the same countries. Pistols deal a little more damage and most sub-machine guns received a boost. Developer PUBG Corp. notes the SLR is more powerful than the SKS, but also comes with more recoil.

It will have a 10-round magazine capacity by default, which takes 7.62 mm ammunition.

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The notes for PUBG's Patch 13 on the Xbox One were shared through the game's forums with a full list of what's changing. That's because the new PUBG PTS Xbox One Times haven't been released yet for players.

On top of that will be new 3x and 6x scopes - the 3x being a common world-drop item and the 6x, which can zoom from three to six times, a rare world-drop item. Are these changes welcomed or are they changing too much?

When you spawn, you'll have a level three vest, a level three helmet, two grenades, and one of the following weapons: AWM, M24, Mk14, M249, Groza, or August.

You can study the many different changes in the update log here.