President signs Executive Order for military spouse employment


Trump signed the order at a Mother's Day event at the White House that recognized the contributions of military mothers and spouses.

Trump touted the 3.9% unemployment rate as the best in this century, but noted that the unemployment rate among military spouses is four times higher.

"We are going to change that, and we are going to change it as quickly as we can", Trump said.

The order encourages agencies to increase use of the noncompetitive hiring authority for military spouses.

"We will now ensure better access to federal jobs, encouraging American business across the country to expand job opportunities for highly educated military spouses", Trump said.

Stateside assignments bring their own challenges as military families typically move every two to three years.

Unemployment in the region down again, says Statistics Canada report
Overall, the decline in jobs last month was so small the federal agency did not consider it statistically significant. It was 5.5 per cent in April, compared to 5.2 in March - which was also an increase from 4.9 per cent in February.

President Donald Trump discusses how his administration will help create jobs for military spouses.

The president talked about spouses' hardships during long deployments.

Agencies are also asked to recommend ways to improve "license portability" so that spouses in professions that require licensing don't have to get new credentials when they move from state to state.

According to, military spouses tend to be under 35 and are mostly women with only five percent of military spouses being men.

The White House's version of the fiscal year 2019 NDAA, which would set military policy for the coming year, includes a 2.6 percent pay raise as part of a total $716 billion for national defense. "Time and time again, however, military spouses respond with resilience that defies explanation", President Trump said.

"Multiple and frequent relocations make it challenging for military spouses to maintain the home front, to comply with licensure and other job requirements, and to obtain adequate childcare", says the order, issued Wednesday.