Pennsylvanians set to go to polls for primaries on Tuesday


Polls will open from 8 8 p.m. tomorrow, May 15th.

In the district, viewed as a tossup in the general election, candidates diverge on core Democratic Party issues, and it is driving the race. Candidates who did not receive more than 50 percent of the vote in their races face the next highest vote-getter in primary runoffs May 22.

Also on tap are contested primaries for lieutenant governor and a slew of crowded U.S. House races following Pennsylvania's court-ordered redrawing of congressional district boundaries. The sleepier Republican contest for U.S. Senate could play a role come November in deciding whether Republicans maintain U.S. Senate control.

House Democrats are girding themselves for a crucial stretch of primaries beginning Tuesday that could make or break their chances at a majority - and have party strategists anxious they could blow some big opportunities. The victor will run against Democratic Governor Tom Wolf in November. Scott Wagner, Paul Mango, and Laura Ellsworth are all competing for the Republican nomination.

In the 13th District, Sue Walker is running unopposed in the Democratic Primary; Rep. John Lawrence is running unopposed in the Republican Primary.

EMILY's List, which supports women candidates who back abortion rights, has endorsed five women running for office in Pennsylvania this cycle, including Houlahan and Reddick.

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Topping the GOP and Democratic tickets statewide are the governor, lieutenant governor and US senate races. While both have announced their candidacy, the Green Party is still seeking ballot access in Pennsylvania, so it is unclear whether or not their names will be on the ballot. Think Mark Williams (2nd Congressional District) and Levi Tillemann (6th Congressional District). Judy Herschel and Marc Friedenberg are vying for the sole Democratic nomination for that position.

If you live outside of the new 12th district, information about all of the May 15 primary elections can also be found here.

May 21 is the deadline to register to vote or update voter registration information for the June 5, 2018 Statewide Direct Primary if you want to vote at your regular polling place or vote by mail.

"We have a slate with a lot of candidates with a lot of gusto who are newer to the system, and a lot of voters are reacting to that", he said.

The campaign signs are up, primary day is marked on the calenders and election officials are getting the ballots ready in hopes of a big turnout.