Now you can change voice of your Google Assistant; here's how


According to a report monitored by businessa.m., the technology was unveiled at the company's annual developers' conference in Mountain View, California, United States.

The reimagined Google News uses a new set of AI techniques to take a constant flow of information as it hits the web, analyse it in real time and organise it into storylines.

During this week's Google I/O, the company presented the new Google assistant whose voice and dialog are so natural that it may pass as a real human being. "Google is weaving its assistant deeper into services such as maps and making it more immersive through visuals", he added. YouTube locked the feature behind a paywall by making it available only to YouTube Red subscribers, but they seem to be rethinking that move now, as several non-Red subscribers are able to access it.

These new voices are powered by WaveNet, an AI-based voice synthesizer created by DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google UK.

Google's Assistant becomes more human-like.

These UI designs from third-party apps exist, for now, only within the search bar but Google expects to add these in overall Android P UI in the stable version of the OS. The natural voice is a great feature and will significantly boost adoption and push it ahead of other "competitors in the market".

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A feature is being introduced, which will limit the screen time for specific apps of your choosing.

You can try out these different voices to see if you find it better than the default one.

Google Assistant will play a key role in Android Auto as manufactures like Volvo will put a dedicated Assistant button in the steering wheel. The Assistant was able to vary the tempo, tone and cadence of the voice during the conversation when required. This will eventually learn what kind of news you prefer and display content pertaining to your preferences.

Don't worry the moment we will receive any info on the other languages. It is highly recommended that users back up their devices before installing the new update just in case something goes wrong or if one wishes to switch back to Android Oreo.

Google says this new mode will help dissuade you from continuously using the phone in your bed past a certain hour by turning the phone's screen to greyscale. Here's what you need to know.

Don't want to miss any update? The feature is available to users, albeit not natively, and requires the use of an extension. As such, Google is taking things out of the manufacturers' hands and into their own, to force manufacturers to offer these important patches more regularly.