North Korea's nuclear test site to be dismantled in late May


"The Nuclear Weapon Institute and different involved establishments are taking technical measures for dismantling the northern nuclear check floor of the DPRK in an effort to guarantee transparency of discontinuance of the nuclear check", stated the announcement. But when he met with Mr. Moon last month, Mr. Kim rebuffed the skeptics, saying that the test site still had two tunnels where nuclear tests could be conducted.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Friday promised the USA would work to rebuild North Korea's sanctions-crippled economy if it agreed to surrender its nuclear arsenal.

In a statement carried by state media, North Korea's Foreign Ministry said that all of the tunnels at the country's northeastern testing ground will be destroyed by explosion, and that observation and research facilities and ground-based guard units also will be removed. DPRK is an acronym for North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is going to be the primary assembly ever between a sitting US president and the chief of North Korea.

The officials also say a ceremony will be held where global media will be able to observe the dismantling.

On Friday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated North Korea can look ahead to "a future brimming with peace and prosperity" if it agrees to rapidly surrender its nuclear weapons.

A dismantling "ceremony" will be held and journalist from the U.S., South Korea and elsewhere will be invited, Pyongyang said.

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All worldwide journalists will be provided with a charter flight into Wonsan, a port city in eastern North Korea, from Beijing, KCNA said.

The North Korean leader revealed during the summit that his country plans to publicly close the test site, announcing experts and journalists from foreign countries will be invited.

The North will set up a press center and arrange special accommodation for the journalists.

"Special charter train will be arranged from Wonsan to the northern nuclear test ground for the worldwide journalists", it continued.

Analysts say the closure of the site is mostly symbolic and doesn't represent a material step toward denuclearization.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un told his South Korean counterpart last month that the site would be abandoned within this month.