Netflix to invest 85 percent spending on original content


Late last year Netflix stated that over 700 shows would make their way to the platform this year, though, in a recent talk from Ted Sanders, those numbers could be a little off. This will bring the total number of originals to around 1,000.

Netflix told Reuters the streaming service plans to release at least 86 original films in 2018.

It appears that Netflix newer strategy is paying off.

Netflix would not say how much it is spending on its film push, but it has budgeted $8 billion for programming in 2018, a figure that includes original TV series and films as well as content licensed from others.

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The company also said that there are still almost 470 shows to be released this year alone.

And with all the spending it's doing on original content, in particular, Netflix may soon get a chance to see how many subscribers stay on if it does raise those subscription prices again. "80 films are among the new original content for this year, including everything from low-budget productions to "$100 million blockbusters", Sarandos explained. Shrishti Behl has taken the post of director for Netflix originals in India, while former Fox executive Swati Mohan will be responsible for brand marketing in the country. Eight or more will be in Spanish. It spends billions of dollars annually on original content and the company's content chief has now said that 85 percent of Netflix's new spending will now be on original shows and movies.

Further, Netflix plans on releasing at least 17 Netflix films in languages other than English, which include French, Arabic, Japanese, Hungarian and Russian, such as R-rated French film, Young and handsome.

Netflix shares opened higher Wednesday as the streaming giant has revealed it intends to release a lot of original programming during 2018.