Mossad does it again! How Israel stole Iran's nuke archive


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned of "dangerous times" as US President Donald Trump considers whether to remain in or leave the worldwide deal that seeks to rein in Iran's nuclear weapons programme.

Donald Trump said he was "100 per cent right" about the Iran deal as the nation was accused of "brazen lies" over its nuclear weapons program.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu escalated the anti-Iran rhetoric on Monday, when, in a televised address, he produced what he claimed were 55,000 pages and 183 CDs of details about Iran's effort to build nuclear weapons that were reported to have been mothballed 15 years ago.

Trump has indicated his desire to pull out of the Iran deal despite verifiable evidence they are holding to the agreement.

"Even after the deal, Iran continued to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons know-how for future use" at the Fordow nuclear testing site, said Netanyahu.

Several sources familiar with the negotiations said that if Trump pulls out, a question for the Europeans will be whether this would be the start of a much harder US line toward Iran, including military confrontation.

On Monday evening, the White House issued a statement saying Netanyahu's information is "new and compelling".

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"At a time when the global community is working diligently to address other regional non-proliferation cases, it is essential that issues related to non-proliferation be addressed comprehensively, without selectivity", the Egyptian statement said.

Kerry argued that prior to the nuclear deal, reached in 2015, Iran was able to develop its weapons without any accountability or transparency. The agreement called for global inspections of its nuclear facilities.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged Donald Trump not to walk away from an worldwide deal created to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. "Iran is the one that's changing the rules in the region", Netanyahu told CNN.

Besides, Britain on Tuesday warned of the danger of a fresh conflict flaring up in the Middle East after Israel unveiled a dossier claiming to be evidence of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program.

"I'm not telling you what I'm doing, but a lot of people think they know", Mr. Trump said. Those fears intensified over the weekend when Israeli F-15 fighter-bombers reportedly hit the western Syrian city of Hama, where weapons were said to have been delivered by Iran. "And on or before the 12th, we'll make a decision".

Netanyahu said he had shared the intelligence with the United States and would dispatch envoys to France and Germany to present it.

Others briefed on the material in March included Mike Pompeo, who was then Central Intelligence Agency director and is now secretary of state; Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and former White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, a former U.S. official said. "Before the end of 2003, an organizational structure was in place in Iran suitable for the coordination of a range of activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device", the statement says. Trump has also said he wants North Korea to denuclearize.